• Where is my shipping/tracking information? As soon as you place an order, a few things happen:
  1. You’ll receive a Thank You email within a few minutes which will contain your receipt.
  2. Our team will begin processing your order.
  3. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with your tracking information. We ship almost all orders within 1 business day, many times the same day. If we do experience a delay, rest assured that virtually everything goes out within 2 business days.
  4. We ship USPS FIRST CLASS. Larger orders may go via USPS PRIORITY MAIL with 2 day estimated delivery!
  • My DVD or Blu-Ray arrived damage, or I am having trouble playing the disc:
    We take great pride in our products and that includes ensuring each order is protected on its journey to your doorstep. If the contents of your package was damaged or you have any issues with the disc, please send an email to “orders@oceanofgrassfilm.com”. We will review your email and contact you (typically within a few hours or less).
  • Can I change the shipping address after I already placed my ordered? 
    Yes, but please email us IMMEDIATELY with subject line: “ADDRESS CHANGE”. (The all caps is helpful since it scares us into acting fast and not shipping your order to the wrong address.)
  • What are your shipping rates? 
    Hey, good news…All USA orders receive FREE SHIPPING via USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL !!
    International Orders are charged a calculated shipping rate that averages around $11. That rate has been reduced by the typical USA shipping charge we absorb.
  • Where do you ship to? We currently ship to the United States, plus specific countries around the globe. If your country is not shown on the “SHIPPING TO COUNTRY” drop down list, we currently do not ship there.


  • I want to cancel my order:
    Our shipping turnaround time is very fast. Many times, your order is at the post office within 1-2 hours. If you suddenly decided a great movie isn’t your thing, please email us at “orders@oceanofgrassfilm.comIMMEDIATELY after placing your order and if we haven’t already dropped it off at the USPS, we’ll go ahead and cancel your order. Please use subject line “CANCEL ORDER”. You may have just excited and disappointed our director all within a few minutes… but he’ll be okay.


  • Who are you guys?:
    We are the guys (actually…one guy – Georg Joutras) who created the film almost in its entirety. Georg filmed it, produced it (that means paid for it!), edited, color graded and distributed it, and did virtually everything required to bring the film to market. Acclaimed composer Tom Larson created the film score. Tom did a spectacular job enhancing the film visuals and story with his music…Thanks, Tom!

    We showed the film at real-life paying venues throughout the Midwest for over 18 months, with numerous sold-out showings, until COVID put a stop to any more thoughts of theater distribution.

    We are selling DVD and Blu-Ray discs of the film, and to date have sold copies to virtually every US state, plus 9 countries.This is a 100% Nebraska-made production, and a true independent film. You will find we are an honest vendor who strives to make sure your order is 100% perfect in every way, and who is responsive to whatever issues may rear their ugly head.
  • Is the Film Available as a download?:
    Currently we have no plans to offer the film as a streaming or on-demand option. While this may change in the future, we do not have a timetable to pass along.