Filmmaker Georg Joutras reinvents himself as he moves through the journey of life. Georg’s interests and business experiences are many and varied. He created industry-changing software systems for radio and commerce, authored numerous books showcasing his spectacular photography, and found success in numerous other endeavors.

Georg devoted 3 years to bringing his vision for the Ocean of Grass movie to completion.  Always one to get his hands dirty (“that’s where the fun is”), Georg acted as the Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Recorder, Film Editor, and Colorist for the film, learning new skills as needed.  While filming, he was involved in the daily operations of the ranch. Georg’s ability to anticipate and capture the defining moments of the ranch story brings a new level of immersion to the experience of watching the film.

This is his first feature length film.

He resides in Lincoln, Nebraska but continues to visit the ranch to reconnect with the essence of life and nature.